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Red Sky Travel Insurance

Why Buy Trip Insurance?

When the unexpected happens and you must cancel your vacation, we want you to recover your vacation rental investment and have the ability to plan again. Travel protection insurance is designed to protect your investment, your belongings and, more importantly, you.

Covered emergencies include illness or death in the family, and even hurricane evacuations. Thus, we strongly recommend you choose travel insurance protection.

Meyer Vacation Rentals has partnered with Red Sky Travel Insurance to provide "Sun Trip Preserver®" coverage for our guests. The "Sun Trip Preserver®" option provides cancellation and interruption services, as well as emergency assistance and travel services, covering financial losses. Protect yourself in the event of hurricane evacuations and family emergencies, such as illness or death in the family.

The travel insurance cost for the "Sun Trip Preserver" option is 6.95% of your total reservation stay.

Travel insurance is optional but is highly recommended. If you decline the travel insurance, you acknowledge that changes or cancellations may result in loss of up to the total paid to date.

If you choose to opt out of the coverage at booking, you may call us to add Sun Trip Preserver coverage at any time prior to either the final payment due date or prior to making your final payment, whichever comes first.

To learn more about "Sun Trip Preserver" travel insurance option or to file a claim, please visit

About Sun Trip Preserver

We help keep vacation dreams alive.

You've been planning this vacation for months, maybe even years, and just before you leave, your child spikes a fever. Or maybe your company decided to transfer you to the new West Coast office. Or more likely, you've been keeping an eye on a storm over the Atlantic and it's starting to look like your plans will be affected.

Fortunately for you, the Sun Trip Preserver vacation rental travel insurance you purchased can reimburse you for the nonrefundable deposits and other costs you've incurred.

We understand that vacation travel is invested with hopes and dreams, as well as funds. When the unexpected happens, we want you to recover your investment along with the ability to plan again.

Policy Highlights

Sun Trip Preserver offers broadest limits:

Sun Trip Preserver covers trip cancellation or interruption due to:

Sun Trip Preserver also provides:

Select your residence state to view details:

How do I obtain coverage?

It's easy! At the time you make your reservation online, select the checkbox for the desired travel insurance coverage and travel insurance will be included in the total cost. If you are making your reservation by phone, please ask your vacation planner to add the desired travel insurance coverage to your reservation. You may choose to opt-out of this coverage online or by phone at the time of your reservation.

If you choose to opt out of the coverage at booking, you may call us to add it at any time prior to either the final payment due date or prior to making your final payment, whichever comes first.

Be advised Meyer Vacation Rentals' cancellation policy does not provide refunds for unforeseen developments such as illnesses, mandatory hurricane evacuations and similar events that can affect your trip. We strongly suggest purchasing travel insurance.

How do I file a claim?

Simply click the "file a claim" button at the top of the Preserver web page and follow the easy steps.

More FAQs on travel insurance?

Travel Insurance Is Underwritten By: Arch Insurance Company
Master Contract Number: 11TVL4476000

The master policy is on file with American Group Travel Trust, Bank Newport as Trustee. In the event of any conflict between the Description of Coverage and the master policy, the master policy will govern.

Individual Short Term Travel policy Insurance for residents of CO, GA, KS, LA, MI, NY (P&C), OH, OR, SD, TX, UT, VT, WY. Notice to residents of IN, MN, MO, NH & WA; This is not Your Description of Coverage. To obtain Your state-specific insurance policy, call 866-889-7409.