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Frequenty asked questions for Express Check In

What is Express Check In?

Express Check In means your selected property is equipped with a keyless entry lock that will allow you to gain direct access when your code activates at 4 p.m. So you can head straight to your property and begin your coastal getaway without stopping by our office for keys.

How do I use the entry lock?

Enter the keyless entry code you received 24 hours prior to arrival. Turn the lever toward the hinge while turning the door handle. You may change the entry code by entering your assigned code, pressing # and entering your own 6-digit personal code.

How do I lock the door?

To lock the door, close the door and turn the lever toward the hinge.

How do I check out of my property?

There are two methods of checking out: via phone and text message.

To check out via phone:

Please call 800-775-8945 using the phone in the rental property. Follow the phone prompts, and you will complete the check out process.

To check out via text message:

If you provided a text enabled phone number, you will receive a text message the night before your departure reminding you to check out before 10 a.m.

As you are leaving the property, simply reply "check out" to the text message reminder. You will then be checked out. No need to go by the rental office.

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