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Trash The Tube, Delight Your Guests

When vacationers come to the beach, you might think TVs inside your property aren’t that big a deal. After all, your guests will be at the beach or enjoying all the wonderful activities on the Gulf Coast, right?

TVs are important, though. “With guest expectations that a vacation rental property is at least as nice or nicer than their own home or even a hotel room, it’s worth nothing that nothing dates a unit more than an old-style tube TV,” advised Meyer Vacation Rentals President Michelle Hodges.

In fact, we found several comments related to TVs from recent guest stays:

  • “Upgrade the TV in the living room (upstairs never worked).”
  • “TVs were so small and distorted, therefore hard to watch.”
  • “Owners need bigger TVs.”
  • “We had to watch a big football game on the bedroom TV.”
  • “TVs in the bedrooms would be nice.”
  • “TVs were tiny and difficult to watch with a group.”
  • “Cheapest TV ever.”
  • “TV in den was an old dinosaur model.”
  • “The TV was outdated.”

“Prices are dropping on the newest TV technology, and with Black Friday sales coming up, it’s a great opportunity to take advantage of replacing outdated TV sets with flat-screen TVs outfitted with the latest technological offerings,” Hodges added.

She also mentioned that a minimum requirement for new owner partners entering the Meyer Vacation Rentals program is installing a cable-ready, flat-screen TV for the living room and the master bedroom.

According to a recent Consumer Reports article, “The overwhelming majority of 4K TVs sold this year will be LCD models, and you’ll find some highly rated options for less than $1,000. The better LCD sets do a good job with black levels and also tend to be brighter, which is good if you often watch television in a well-lit room.”

Smart TVs, also called connected or hybrid TVs, may also be a significant convenience for guests staying at your property. Smart TVs integrate Internet and interactive features and allow guests to easily log into their Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu or other online accounts.

A recent Cnet article reported that HDMI connectivity is a must. “This one has gotten easier as important inputs have dwindled to one kind: HDMI. Just count the number of devices you’ll want to connect, and make sure your TV has at least that many HDMI ports (or one or two extra if you’ll be expanding). USB inputs and/or an SD card slot are nice for displaying photos, too. You only need to worry about the analog ports if you have an older device to connect; the Nintendo Wii is the classic HDMI-free offender.”

Meyer Vacation Rentals Director of Technology Wade Franklin said another consideration when selecting a TV is size. “Most people think that the biggest TV is the best but that is not always true. For example, how many people sit on the front row at a movie theater? Not many, because it is hard to take the full screen into view all at once. The same can be true in a room where the furniture sits closer to the TV.”

In the table below are guidelines produced by Best Buy to help properly size a TV based on your distance from the screen.

Recommended RangeScreen Size
3.25-5.5 feet26 inches
4.0-6.66 feet32 inches
4.63-7.71 feet37 inches
5.0-8.33 feet40 inches
5.25-8.75 feet42 inches
5.75-9.5 feet46 inches
6.25-10.5 feet50 inches
6.5-10.8 feet52 inches
6.9-11.5 feet55 inches
7.25-12 feet58 inches
8.13-13.5 feet65 inches
8.75-14.75 feet70 inches