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Meyer Maintenance Techs Build Relationships With Customers

Meyer Vacation Rentals? maintenance team has developed a customer service-training program focused on building long-term loyalty with Meyer customers?both owner partners and guests?said Meyer Services Field Engineer Nick Scozzafava.

?Our team of maintenance personnel has been working with Meyer Corporate Trainer Loretta Ison to learn and reinforce the skills needed to build stronger relationships with our customers when we are in the field,? Scozzafava said.

?As a team, we undergo a weekly program of training in safety, maintenance and other issues related to the tasks we perform in the field. We have now begun working with Loretta to enhance our relationship building skills, engage with our customers in a professional way to build confidence, answer their questions, express empathy and ensure their vacation is the best it can be even though we are visiting their property during their stay.?

Ison shared that the ?feelings? maintenance team members evoke in their communications with Meyer customers determine their advocacy for the Meyer brand and impact their desire to stay with Meyer in the future.

?Your communications evoke feelings in our customers,? Ison said. ?Your ability to show customers we care about and value them determines their feelings, and their feelings determine their loyalty to Meyer Vacation Rentals.?

Team members learned through a series of case studies and role playing techniques that they essentially are equipped two ?toolboxes? when it comes to working in the field with guests: one to repair customers? feelings related to their issues and another containing the tools to repair the issues reported on the work order ticket.

Maintenance personnel were asked to take personal ownership of the customer?s feelings and were offered advice on the appropriate way to express to customers how their maintenance issue would be resolved, the pitfalls of overpromising and under delivering, using words of reassurance to help calm guests? concerns, how to convey concern for the guest, and how to avoid increasing concern.

?Our maintenance techs are learning that resolving issues quickly and encouraging repeat customers is part of their role at Meyer,? Scozzafava said. ?When we address a maintenance issue, we must also take great care to address the customers experiencing the issue. Our goal is to build stronger relationships with customers, thereby reinforcing their loyalty to the Meyer brand and the property they have selected for their vacation.?