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Refresh Your Vacation Rental To Maximize Rental Revenue & Minimize Expenses

As the busy summer season comes to a close, it’s time to begin property refreshments that will enhance guests’ vacation experiences in the future.

“Rental properties can undergo a significant amount of wear and tear during the course of the year,” said Director of Business Development Sarah Kuzma. “It’s a must to refresh furnishings and make other enhancements to ensure future guests enjoy a positive vacation experience and seek to return to your property for future stays.”

Among the items frequently noted as “needing attention” in guest comments are flooring, furniture and beds/mattresses, Kuzma said.

“Get rid of the dirty-looking carpet, the mattress really needs to be replaced, and the living room furniture was not very comfy,” advised one guest who suggested making improvements could help improve the property for future guests.

Carpeting in a vacation rental should be replaced every three to five years, maximum, and padding should be a six-pound density. Carpeting should be soil and fade resistant, and Berber carpeting is not recommended, Kuzma said.

Comfortable furniture is also a must. “Unit needs a total overhaul! New furniture and draperies! Sofa was disgusting, and not a comfortable chair in unit,” said one guest.

Another noted, “The living room furniture needs to be updated,” while another stated, “The couch is worn out! Not comfortable at all.”

Living room furnishings such as sofas and love seats are recommended for replacement every three to five years, while sleeper sofas should be replaced every two to five years. Additionally, sleeper sofas should be outfitted with a commercial frame and mechanism manufactured especially for durability. A five-inch inner spring mattress is suggested for comfort and longevity.

Also often mentioned as “needing improvement” in guest comments are mattresses/bedding. “Master bed squeaked,” said one guest.

“The bed in the second bedroom was awful. Saggy! Everything rolled to the middle. The mattress has seen better days,” said another. “The beds in the second bedroom were not comfortable and squeaked miserably,” said one more.

Although longevity for mattresses is based on quality and type, Kuzma recommends replacing them every three to five years.

Summit Mountain Rentals, based in Colorado, addressed the topic of mattresses in a recent blog post. “Renters will often overlook small annoyances in a vacation rental, but if they can’t sleep due to a worn, lumpy mattress — or are turned off by an old, worn or even stained bedspread — they’ll let other renters know via online reviews about a property. And, they’ll never rent that property again.”

The blog suggested taking complaints about beds seriously. “If guests are complaining that one of your beds is uncomfortable?or worse, posting it online in a review of your property?take notice. Of course, some people prefer a firmer mattress, some a softer one. One hundred percent of the people who sleep in any given bed probably won’t love it. But, if someone’s complaining that a bed prevented him or her from getting a good night’s sleep, it’s serious. Think about it. How likely would you be to rent a property where the beds prevent you from sleeping?”

Summit Mountain Rentals suggested that the next time you’re at your rental, lie down on every bed, or ask your Meyer Owner Services representative to do so in your absence.

“Does it sag in the middle? Are there lumps? If so, don’t tell yourself it’s not a big deal. Mattresses are not that expensive, but losing guests because of them can be.”

Summit suggested that comforters be evaluated for replacement frequently as well. “Have someone from your management company, or even a friend, check your comforter for tears, stains, etc. Ask them honestly, ‘Would you like to sleep in this?’ If the answer is no, replace it.”

Meyer recommends comforters or bedspreads be replaced every one to two years.

“Making these types of improvements can significantly improve the guest experience and assist property owners in building a base of returning vacationers,” Kuzma noted, adding that Meyer offers a replacement schedule to its owner partners on their exclusive owner portal.

Learn more about improving a vacation rental to maximize income and minimize expenses by reaching out to a member of Meyer’s Business Development team at 888-733-5482 or, or visiting our Property Management page.