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Using Meyer Just Makes Sense For This Vacation Rental Property Owner

Ryan McNabb of Zachary, La., who has used Meyer for his rental management solution since purchasing his Tropic Isles condo a little more than a year ago, said he and his family had previously rented from Meyer as a guest and that it simply made sense to use Meyer to manage the rentals for his new condo.

“We had rented from Meyer many times before as guests, and knew they were one of the top well-known management agencies in Gulf Shores. We figured when people were searching for Gulf Shores condos that Meyer would be one of the top agencies to come up on a search. We also looked at other condos Meyer manages in our complex and saw how well booked they were.”

Ryan said he was pleased not only with his summer bookings but also with the pace of his fall bookings.

“Our condo stays booked during the summer, and the fall season is already surpassing last year’s bookings.”