Meyer Vacation Rentals in February teamed up with the Foley Police Department at the Meyer Services building for an intense “run, hide, fight” training exercise.

The training involved Meyer team members going about their day as usual until a mock emergency situation arose. “We were not given any idea of what to expect, just that there would be a situation and the South Baldwin Special Response Team (SRT) would respond,” said Corporate Safety and HR Administrator Patricia O’Donnell.

“About an hour later, we were hearing gunshots, armed men were yelling and screaming at us. Some of us ran, some of us hid, some of us were taken hostage. When the SRT showed up they ‘did their thing,’ which we have been asked not to discuss outside the event so their tactical maneuvers are not broadcast publicly. They used drones, we had real weapons pulled on us, and those who escaped were debriefed on what they heard, saw and experienced.”

O’Donnell said the training was intense and beneficial to the Meyer team as well as the South Baldwin Special Response Team. “It was by far the best training experience I have ever been part of, and I am super proud Meyer was able to provide this training not only to our team but also to the SRT team.”