In May 2019, Meyer Vacation Rentals hosted a VIP family from Kentucky for a pre-summer beach vacation.

The Logsdon family from Brownsville, Ky., made a trip to the beach, bringing their little one, YouTube and social media superstar Jake Boone, 4, and little brother Rhett, 2, to Gulf Shores for a week of fun exploring the area.

You might know Jake. He has his own YouTube channel and Facebook page, titled “Life According to Jake Boone.” A video his mom made of him helping make a grocery list was a $10,000 winner on America’s Funniest Home Videos in 2018. His following on YouTube has grown to 32,000+ subscribers, and his Facebook page has garnered more than a half million likes since Jake shot to notoriety last year.

This adorable 4-year-old is known for entertaining followers with videos of doing seemingly mundane tasks around the house and farm—whether giving directions, driving a nail, digging a ditch or helping dad move plants—all the while narrating the videos with his matter-of-fact, all business attitude, country voice and big personality.

Now, we can add his trip to the beach to the lineup of videos on his YouTube channel. There’s a video of Jake and family enjoying their time at the beach courtesy of Meyer Vacation Rentals posted on his YouTube page.

“People tell me all the time that watching videos of Jake just makes them so happy,” said mom, Chrystal. “We just want to make people happy. Jake is such a character!”
The family’s beach trip included a sandcastle building lesson from Sandcastle University, a day at The Park at OWA, and dinners at Lulu’s and The Hangout.

Watch Jake talk about the beach trip on his YouTube channel. It is sure to brighten your day!