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Normal Vacation Rental Wear & Tear Sometimes Requires Drywall Repairs To Be Made

In a vacation rental property, it is not uncommon to need to make drywall repairs. After all, as income generators, rental properties are often heavily used, and sometimes, accidents simply happen.

A knife thrown at a wall is probably not the most common cause of a hole in drywall. However, think about the entryway at a vacation rental.

As guests are bringing in luggage, they could scrape the wall, or the wheel of a suitcase could inadvertently bang the wall and cause a hole.

Or, say, a door swings open too hard (Gulf breezes can be strong) and the doorknob punches a hole in the wall.

Sometimes, even furniture scuffs can create a dent significant enough to require a repair. After all, everyone on the Meyer team wants to ensure our owner partners’ properties are in the best condition possible at all times.

Regardless of how the dent, scrape or hole is made in the wall, and regardless of the size of the damaged area, Meyer Vacation Rentals’ owner partners can rely on Meyer?s skilled maintenance team to expertly make the patch.

Meet William, a maintenance technician at Meyer who is always ready to make a repair, no matter how complicated.

William shows how to repair sheetrock in Meyer?s full training facility, which includes a mock condo, giving the Meyer team the practice they need to perform just about any repair or maintenance project.

Following the application of fiber tape and numerous layers of mud, William smooths out the rough spots on the wall. Now, we?re ready for paint! After applying a few coats of paint, the wall is ready to go, and the condo is once again rent ready.

Learn more about improving a vacation rental to maximize income and minimize expenses by reaching out to a member of Meyer’s Business Development team at 888-733-5482 or, or by visiting our Property Management page.