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It?s Easy To Impress Your Guests. Just Add Paint!

In the following Q&A interview, Wall-to-Wall Interiors? Julie Julka discusses one of the simplest ways to revitalize a vacation rental property?painting the interior walls. Julka and Wall-to-Wall Interiors have been part of the fabric of the Gulf Coast vacation rental management industry for decades and have helped thousands of property owners stay on top of design trends, keep their properties fresh, and exceed guest expectations.

I understand paint can have a giant impact on a guest?s first impression when entering a vacation rental property. Would you agree?

I completely agree. The color and condition of the painted walls will indeed affect the first impression a guest will have. Walls should be clean of any dirt or damage, and the colors should complement the decor.

What questions do you hear about paint most often from vacation rental property owners?

When is it time to paint? What paint should we use? What color should we select? Who can we trust to do a good job?

What color schemes do you recommend for vacation rental properties?

Sea Salt

Here at the beach, I like to use calm, cool and restful colors?something that appeals to guests and complements the dcor. I have had great success with these from Sherwin Williams: Sea Salt (great choice?my #1 requested color), Softer Tan, Repose Grey, and Nebulous White. From Benjamin Moore: Sleigh Bells, Arctic Gray, Elmira White and Manchester Tan. From Clark and Kensington?an excellent paint from Ace Hardware?Baby’s Whisper, Garden Stone, Playas de Cancun and Light Navajo White.

Is it smart to use bright colors for the walls? If so, what spots are best for using bright colors?

I love to use bright colors where appropriate, but I rarely use them on walls throughout the entire unit. At the moment, the more serene and restful colors seem to better complement furniture and fabrics. If a property owner would like a bright paint color, I would recommend limiting it to bathrooms, headboard walls and backsplash areas.

What type of paint finish is best for use in a vacation rental property, considering the use and climate?

The new washable flat paints work so well in rental units. I prefer the flat finish as it has no shine. Shiny paints tend to show all imperfections in the surface, and let?s face it, walls are very rarely perfect. I have successfully used Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and Clark and Kensington for 30 years, and each company has this kind of paint. Having to touch up walls is an ongoing problem, so it is smart to keep the paint handy.

Do you have any other words of advice when it comes to painting a vacation rental property?

It is very important to use a professional painter unless you plan to paint the unit yourself. I generally tell folks to seek references.

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