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Wednesday, Dec. 7
Neil Dover - Flora-Bama Lounge
Rhonda Hart - Flora-Bama Lounge
Thursday, Dec. 8
Mark Sherrill - Flora-Bama Lounge
John Joiner - Flora-Bama Lounge
Chris Newbury - Flora-Bama Lounge
Mel Knapp - Flora-Bama Lounge
Al and Cathy - Flora-Bama Lounge
Tim Kinsey - Flora-Bama Lounge
Friday, Dec. 9
LeaAnne Creswell - Flora-Bama Lounge
Albert Simpson - LuLu's at Homeport Marina
Jack Robertson - Flora-Bama Lounge
Saturday, Dec. 10
Albert Simpson - LuLu's at Homeport Marina
Monday, Dec. 12
Brent Burns - LuLu's at Homeport Marina

Joey's North Shore Grill is the place to be if you enjoy great food, great people and fantastic live music. From the moment you walk in the door you are officially “a local,” whether you are from Alabama or Alaska, Orange Beach or Oregon, Gulf Shores or Jersey Shore. Joey’s North Shore Grill serves nothing but the finest quality foods freshly prepared the old-fashioned way, from steaks to seafood and burgers (including the award-winning shrimp burger!) to pizzas. It’s the best comfort food to ever hit your taste buds. Food so good your grandmother would be proud. Located at 3849 Gulf Shores Pkwy. in Gulf Shores, 251-981-8466.

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