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24/7 means 24/7

Meyer Services2012 - Hurricane Isaac
DAY & NIGHT, Meyer Vacation Rentals is available to serve our guests and property owners. This 24/7 availability proved especially critical during the recent Isaac situation. Pre-storm property preparation for possible impact, and post-storm inspections and repairs - along with up-to-the-minute communications throughout the process - progressed smoothly due to the round-the-clock diligence of our vacation rental, marketing and service teams.

Disaster planning is key to the success of any business and although this concept does not apply to our everyday resort world it is a potential reality. Preparation, cooperation, organization, communication, timeliness and responsiveness are critical aspects of any effective disaster preparation and recovery plan.

Hurrican Isaac2012 - Hurricane Isaac
Over the past 45+ years our organization has experienced and successfully managed several hurricanes and tropical weather systems. Each occurrence has its own unique challenges with storm surge, wind damage, and flooding which creates the need for repairs, sand removal, water extraction and more. Vigilantly providing information to vacation rental guests and property owners in advance, during and post-storm is vital since these parties have either the safety of their property or family at stake.

Although our corporate office is located south of the Intracoastal Waterway bridge, which is typically the point of road blockade following a major storm with damage, we are prepared to continue essential operations in our Meyer Services facility located in the Foley Industrial Park.

CIC2004 - Central Information Center
Even in past storms such as the devastating Hurricane Ivan, our team began operations the next morning in our Meyer Services building located in Gulf Shores north of the bridge. During that recovery effort we manned phones and computers to communicate the conditions of the area and the properties. We sent team members into the field on National Guard jeeps to photograph properties in damaged areas and provide first hand details to property owners. Our round-the-clock website updates became such a resource that our website became known as the "go to" place for post-Ivan info. The need for information and referrals to our website grew so rapidly that a few days into the process we overloaded the servers and crashed the system. Within a couple of hours we were back up and running with larger server capacity to handle the enormous load. We continued the process of inspection, repair, post-repair inspection and communication for eight or more months until every property was rent-ready.

CIC2004 - National Guard After Ivan
Our systems are much more sophisticated now after the Ivan learning experience. The Disaster Recovery site we now have in place in Foley has been tested and retested for ease of operation and readied for action with all of the equipment necessary to serve every aspect needed. In addition to these back-up systems, we have a plan in place with generators in the event the area loses power so that we can operate with phones and computers until able to return to the offices in Gulf Shores, Fort Morgan and Perdido Key.

Our EMT (Emergency Management Team) is comprised of representatives from all aspects of all of our companies. When a storm enters the Gulf of Mexico, and sometimes before such as the case with Tropical Storm Isaac, we begin meeting on a daily basis to stay on top of the latest weather predictions and post-storm recovery. When deemed appropriate our CIC (Central Information Center) team is activated to prepare reports, document and communicate property conditions.

We continue to communicate the weather conditions, local and state advisories and how we are responding to keep you informed and your property secure. You can trust that our meaning of 24/7 is truly a commitment to serving your needs 24/7.


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