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Pirates Cove

Pirates Cove is a small, unique, family-owned marina/bar/music venue on the north shore of Arnica Bay in Josephine, Alabama. Owned by the Mueller family for the past 52 years, Pirates Cove sits 10 feet from the water line where it has stood steadfast for the past 87 years through many storms and the occasional scrubbing of the floors by hurricanes. Just off the Intracoastal Canal (by water) at I.C.W. Marker #65 and L 30‘ 19.2 N Lo 87' 32.0 W, and at the end of Co. Rd. 95 (by land), Pirates Cove is open 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Come by water or by land, pull up on the beach by the bar and enjoy one of our famous cheeseburgers or handmade pizzas with some of the best music in the whole southeastern area on our heated and covered deck every Sat. night and Sunday afternoon. Pirates Cove is a destination like no place else!

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