In and around the music scene in Mobile, Alabama, Tim Kinsey is a household name. He has made his place in the business by doing what he does best for over 20 years—making good music. Although some may not know Tim by name, they know his voice and his talent and know that he is perhaps one of the best, yet most understated, artists to come out of the Gulf Coast area. Tim is the total package--he can sing, write, and play pretty much any instrument that is put in front of him. And he does all of that very well. Tim has established a solid fan base over the years, but he is also very well-respected among his peers in the music business. You can’t sling a dead cat without hitting someone Tim has played with over the 20+ years he has been in the business. It speaks volumes that Tim lets his music do the talking for him. And it does. He can “break ‘em up and he can bring ‘em together.” And he has, many times, during his years of playing music. There is no smoke and mirrors, and no need for it—he has nothing to hide. Although Tim’s catalog of music runs the gamut with all types of genres, his strong suit is most certainly classic country music. The real kind. He is indeed a rare breed, and one of the few purists to remain true to the classic country sound. He has been compared to many artists such as Keith Whitley and George Strait, but he is highly acclaimed for his better than the record covers of Merle Haggard hits as well as many other classic country artists.

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