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Slightly Stoopid

With more than a decade of making music together, the members of Slightly Stoopid have perfected one of the rarest and most valuable skills a band can develop: the art of the stealth groove, that knack for quietly, almost innocently, sliding into a composition, and utterly lassoing anyone within earshot by mid-song. That's where the band has come to reside, musically: deep in the pocket, that ever-elusive, funky trench where a band can entrance an audience, hypnotize it and hold on to it until the set or CD is finished. Their bedrock of dubby bass, meditative vocal harmonies, rock-steady guitar licks and tightly syncopated percussive rhythms continues to unwind and push the envelope of a new jam-based genre the band helped to create. The West Coast sound pioneers have built a large and loyal fan base, and have soared to become one of the most successful independent artists of this decade. The buzz surrounding the group continues to increase with each successive album release. Slightly Stoopid continues to fill the most prestigious concert venues around the world, creating a legion of "stoopidheads" in the process!

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