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Light Travelers is a unique mix of acoustic and electric guitar, vocal harmony, mellow bass and subtle percussion to original, Americana, alt-country, folk and rock music. The dynamic finger picking and lead vocals by Dee Abood, and the classical precision of Chris Manuel’s lead electric and acoutic guitars and vocals are backed up with harmony from Cathy Levenson, and the unique percussion style of Mitch Register. Light Travelers will be featuring Karl Langley and John Keuler! A local fave, Karl Langley prides himself through his harmonies, rhythm, positive energy, and his love for community. CLICK HERE for more information on the music of Karl Langley. John Keuler, also a local fave known to some through the musical talents of Grits N Pieces, Keuler's musical genre of Rock, Blues, Classic Rock, Southern Rock, Funk, Pop, Indie Rock, Hard Rock, Folk, Country, Alternative, Oldies, Prog Rock, and Reggae.

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