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Saturday, Jul. 30
J. Hawkins - Flora-Bama Lounge
Whyte Caps - Flora-Bama Lounge
Logan Spicer - Flora-Bama Lounge
Jay Williams Band - Flora-Bama Lounge
Logan Spicer - Flora-Bama Lounge
LeaAnne Creswell - Flora-Bama Lounge
John Joiner - Flora-Bama Lounge
Lee Yankie - Flora-Bama Lounge
Brittany Grimes - Flora-Bama Lounge
Jack Robertson - Flora-Bama Lounge
Jezebel's Chill'n - Flora-Bama Lounge
Adam Holt - LuLu's at Homeport Marina
Sunday, Jul. 31
Brian Hill Project - Flora-Bama Lounge
JERI - LuLu's at Homeport Marina
Friday, Aug. 5
Twenty One Pilots - The Wharf Amphitheater
Thursday, Sep. 8
Miranda Lambert - The Wharf Amphitheater

Westside Players   

Westside Players, headed by Bill Barrow, originated as a duo of guitar/vocals and piano performing light standards. The original duo unit was geared for quieter restaurant settings, but is often expanded to a trio or more (usually including sax or trumpet). Locations requiring a more robust style include a sampling of funky infectious groove tunes, Motown, rhythm & blues, smooth jazz, Latin, rock and the general current backbeat rhythmic tunes that have been the customary standards of the more recent past. The core of the material of Westside Players is often described as the Great American Song Book; the longevity of the tunes gives credence to just how excellent the writings of the great composers really were. The material is geared to both entertain and stir the soul and the feet of its audience; it is embodied with both lush melodies and driving rhythms, making it soulful, danceable, and entertaining.

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