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Thom Bresh

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The 2001 inductee into the Thumbpickers Hall of Fame has been entertaining for a lifetime. The Breshman was born in Hollywood, CA and raised in the middle of guitar royalty. His father, Merle Travis, was the most influential American guitarist of the 20th century. With this sort of heritage and upbringing, what do you have? As Chet Atkins put it, "Thom Bresh is a world-class guitarist that deserves to be heard." When he lays into his father's thumbpickin' classics, he and that guitar will leave the Travis-style pickers hungry and the rest of us breathless. Bresh started writing songs at the age of 13. He has written theme songs for two major motion pictures and had numerous cuts in his career. His quick comedic timing and sharp ear has made him an incredible impressionist, leading to two HBO specials. Thom hosted his own TV show and has guest starred on numerous others. Behind the scenes, as a producer, he has received nominations for two Grammy Awards and one Academy Award.