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Saturday, Dec. 10
Albert Simpson - LuLu's at Homeport Marina
Monday, Dec. 12
Brent Burns - LuLu's at Homeport Marina

Tart Tuna

Pat McCann won fans growing up in Shreveport by being a hot guitarist in rock bands such as the Warlocks, Gripping Force and Axis. In the early 70s he joined forces with Roger Barnes, George Hancock and several others in the quintet Heart's Island. They had a large fan base, a singular jazz/blues style, and went to California to record and experience oneness. McCann made music in Jazziana and Rue du Lac before moving to Austin. In Austin he played in Stop the Truck and the Mau Mau Chaplains in addition to his solo work. Now he has returned to his roots and has relocated to the Gulf Coast. We are now honored to call Pat a Gulf Shores local musician. McCann plays it all, from jazz to country to R&B, but lately, he says, "I'm possessed by Django." If you can find a copy of his solo CD, 50 Years in De Nile, or the more recent Return to Buddha Pad, you'll love it.

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