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Sugarcane Jane

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When Sugarcane Jane makes music, heads bob, feet tap, smiles spread, and hearts beat just a little faster. Truly, the musical sugar the band produces is indeed so fine. The alchemy of Alabama’s own Anthony Crawford and Savana Lee Crawford yields mystically sweet, organic harmonies which are both accessible and familiar, while at the same time intuitive and distinctly their own. Whether singing original works (like "Louisiana," "Butterfly," and "Sugar") or putting their down-home sound on familiar classics (ranging from an incredibly playful and fun Hot Rod Lincoln to a spontaneous rendition of Roger Miller’s "Dang Me" or a dreamily mellow and psychedelic "Midnight Rider"), Sugarcane Jane’s appeal cuts across generations and appeals to a wide audience. The strong talents of Jimmy Lee Hannaford on bass and Rusty Miller on percussion allow for even more flexibility and creativity in their shows. If it’s your first time to hear Sugarcane Jane, you’ll find yourself saying, “Wow, who are these guys? They’re good.” If you are familiar with their work, you’ll overhear such comments and smile knowingly as you remember the exact time and place you first stumbled onto the band.