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Monday, Dec. 12
Brent Burns - LuLu's at Homeport Marina

String Cheese Incident                  

Over the past decade, The String Cheese Incident has emerged as one of America’s most significant independent bands. Born in 1993 in Colorado's Rocky Mountains, SCI has since released 7 albums, 3 DVDs and countless live recordings from their relentless tour schedule, and they have been recognized for their commitment to musical creativity and integrity, for their community spirit, philanthropic endeavors, and for their innovative approach to the business of music. With the World Wide Web as their tool, SCI was among the first artists to disseminate information via the internet - such as tour dates, release information, and other news - to their growing fan base. Whether you consider them rock, reggae, electronica, funk, jazz, bluegrass or anything else doesn't matter - they live on the edge of musical innovation.

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