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Wednesday, Dec. 7
Neil Dover - Flora-Bama Lounge
Rhonda Hart - Flora-Bama Lounge
Thursday, Dec. 8
Mark Sherrill - Flora-Bama Lounge
John Joiner - Flora-Bama Lounge
Chris Newbury - Flora-Bama Lounge
Mel Knapp - Flora-Bama Lounge
Al and Cathy - Flora-Bama Lounge
Tim Kinsey - Flora-Bama Lounge
Friday, Dec. 9
LeaAnne Creswell - Flora-Bama Lounge
Albert Simpson - LuLu's at Homeport Marina
Jack Robertson - Flora-Bama Lounge
Saturday, Dec. 10
Albert Simpson - LuLu's at Homeport Marina
Monday, Dec. 12
Brent Burns - LuLu's at Homeport Marina

Matt Hoggatt      

Matt Hoggatt was born and raised on the Mississippi Gulf Coast in the small town of Gautier. “Most people can’t pronounce the name of my town, but they know it's near the Singing River.” For this reason, Matt often refers to being born on the “Singing River.” Matt enlisted in the U.S. Army National Guard after high school, serving honorably for 7 years assigned to the 41st Army Band and 114th Military Police Company. “Somewhere along the way, I realized it’s hard to sing and play trumpet at the same time.” Matt started playing guitar and writing songs and the rest is history. Matt’s song “21 At Normandy” won him a lyric contest. He won the Nashville Songwriter Association Spring Training Song Contest in 2009. In 2010, he was a finalist in the Zac Brown “Sailing Southern Ground” Song Contest and 2011 proved to be even better. In 2011, he won the Best Country category in the Song of The Year Contest as well as another lyric contest held by singer/songwriter Amy Speace and American Songwriter Magazine, and he had a song recorded by a Canadian country artist. Matt Hoggatt is affiliated with SESAC and owns Country Fish Music.

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