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Leaving Lennox

'Leaving Lennox' are undeniably saturated with on-stage chemistry that is unreplicable. Combine pop-folk with haunting harmonies and soulful guitar work and you’ve got award winning Australian duo comprised of singer- songwriters, Mick Hambly & Lauren Val who made the big move to Music City, taking on Nashville with their fresh and unique sound. In 2019, they have released new music, been nominated for several awards and headlined festivals throughout Tennessee & surrounding states. Their songwriting tells a story that audiences can relate to, translated through their organic sound. "Their voices in separation are enough to earn plenty of fans, but together they are a force to be reckoned with. The couples smooth vocals compliment in a way that’s hard to achieve and show an immense connection between the two" - Amnplify "It seems they are destined to be together, guitars in hand" - Port Newspaper