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Sunday, Mar. 10
Zac Brown Band - The Wharf Amphitheater
Tuesday, Apr. 23
Jimmy Buffett - The Wharf Amphitheater
Saturday, Apr. 27
Kenny Chesney - The Wharf Amphitheater
Saturday, May. 11
Jim Gaffigan - The Wharf Amphitheater

Kristy Lee               

That mighty rumble you hear coming out of Alabama is none other than Kristy Lee. Her voice--like thunder rolling in before a sweet southern rain--instantly washes the world away. Kristy Lee's unique rhythms are absolutely nourishing, clean, pure and unapologetic. By the time she was 18, she landed her first album nationwide, to be sold exclusively with Target Stores. Kristy Lee's first album gave her an early jump on what is now a career. This Alabama girl can pack a house in any state. Tough luck sticking her in a category, though, because when it comes to writing songs, she has no limits!

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