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Justin Jeansonne

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As a kid i can remember singing along in the car to the tunes my mom used to play and her telling me I was a good singer. Looking back I figured she was just trying to make me feel good but as years went on I realized that there was something about music that really just reached out to me. Around eight years old I started taking an inerest in my dads guitar that used to sit in the corner. I learned a few chords but that was really it i just kind of let it go. I learned to play the violin and played all the way untill my junior year in high school Mean while picking the guitar back up and singing and playing. Before i graduated highschool i was playing parties for my family and friends and trying to get any gig I could find. When i graduated music kind of took a back seat because my country needed me so I joined the Marine Corps. Now as a Marine Corps Veteran im ready to get back out there musically and this time in a big way.