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Wednesday, Oct. 26
Justin Jeansonne - Flora-Bama Lounge
Thursday, Oct. 27
Adam Holt - LuLu's at Homeport Marina
Friday, Oct. 28
JERI - LuLu's at Homeport Marina
Saturday, Oct. 29
Lefty Collins - LuLu's at Homeport Marina
Monday, Oct. 31
Brent Burns - LuLu's at Homeport Marina

The Spirit of New Orleans Gospel Choir, is a conglomeration of members of the many world class gospel groups that are represented by the Jamalar Agency in New Orleans. This special choir became a reality while planning a tour for Italy during Christmas 2005. The Agency put the Spirit of New Orleans Choir together using artists from the gospel groups already booked for that tour and were booked for special fund raising concerts to help struggling New Orleans musicians and their families in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. This group has been so successful that Jamalar Agency continues to book it to this daly.

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