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Darrel Roberts

Darrel Roberts BBorn and raised on the Gulf Coast, Darrel Roberts began writing at age fourteen. He knew he liked it and he liked playing.That's what he wanted to do. His family moving to Texas only exposed him to different forms of music and with it came opportunities to play and write in different genres. Classic rock, country, western swing even Latin music was all there and interesting. By age eight-teen he was in a progressive rock band doing all original material and opening for the name acts coming around. Argent being the first. After that a newly formed vocal trio was formed and immediately began opening for acts such as B.B King, John Hammond Jr.and Ike and Tina Turner. Texas was giving great opportunities. In the seventies came the rise of redneck rock after Willie Nelson played the Armadillo World Headquarters in Austin. That opened a whole new door and it became okay for "hippies" to play country music and incorporate other influences into the music being written and performed. Says Darrel, " That time in my life was so productive as a player, a writer and artist. I got to play with some tremendous writer artist and then was given the opportunity to write with some people who were big influences on what I've become. It's indescribable the amount of music that was being put out at that time". Moving back to the Gulf Coast proved to be productive as well. Arriving at the Flora-Bama in 1981 he discovered a place where there were a bunch of folks writing and playing some really good music. The owner, Joe Gilchrist, encouraged and helped motivate the young writers there and gave an outlet to put songs to the public as well as being able to play and entertain the crowds of folks that came in. "We were just a bunch of young guys and gals that happened to play and write while living on the beach where most of us grew up. "Joe was great. We'd play till closing time then grab some beer and go sit on the beach and play or go somewhere and write. There couldn't h