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Clinton Gregory

Clinton Gregory A fifth-generation fiddle player, Clinton was born and raised in Martinsville, Virginia. He carried the family past-time across state lines, moving to Nashville, Tennessee in 1987, to share his God-given, natural talent and the heart and soul ambition to keep American Music, and his heritage, alive. During the early 1990s, Gregory celebrated a string of successes with the release of six national recording projects, eleven charting singles [including "Play, Ruby Play," “(If It Weren't For Country Music) I'd Go Crazy" and "Who Needs It"] Making his Grand Ole Opry debut in 1990, Gregory enjoyed the privilege of gracing the stage at the Mother Church of country music nearly 30 times over, including the cherished moment in February 1992 when his father joined him and they performed for the very last time as father and son. (Gregory’s father passed just two short months later). He also won the Music Row Industry's Independent Artist of the Year award for 1992 and 1993. In 1995 Clinton became friends with the late great Hank Cochran, who he says was his mentor and taught him the most valuable thing in life and music – how to listen. With a brand new understanding of music and the power of lyrics, the support and belief of his friends, and a new lease on life, Gregory put pen to paper and began to develop his own songwriting craft-- determined to re-enter the world of entertainment as a multi-faceted artist: a world-class fiddle player, singer, songwriter and performer worth hearing.