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Bjoern Nilsen

Bjoern Nilsen From the coast of northern Norway, to the Gulf Coast; Bjoern Nilsen has got more than 50 cuts recorded by other artists, including 3 European top 5 hits (HotDisc Top 40). His songs have been featured in the Netflix series DAG, and several other TV series and movies. «Coastology» by his band Nilsen’s Southern Harmonery, is out now. Three songs written by Nilsen was #1 hits in Norway in 2018; “Help Me Hold On” (Anders Brodersen), Someone Else is Gonna Get It (Ann-Kristin Dørdal), and “Baby Don’t Ask” (Linda Kvam + Big Hand). His instrumental “Twangin'” is the theme song of the Oslo Americana Sessions Radio Show, and he has co-writes with aces such as Austin Church, Claudia Scott, Lawson Vallery, Amanda Pruitt, and Byron Hill to his name.