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Meyer CleanShield

Meyer CleanShield

You Make the Memories, We've Got the Rest

When you're on vacation, your only focus should be enjoying your surroundings, creating connections with loved ones, and making precious memories to last a lifetime.

To ensure your vacation is as worry-free as possible, Meyer Vacation Rentals would like to share a few details about our Meyer CleanShield program.

Meyer CleanShield is a multi-faceted program that combines robust training on sanitizing products and cleaning methods, hospital-grade disinfectants, and other processes designed to give you the extra peace of mind you need to more fully enjoy your vacation.

When it comes to your vacation, rest assured we have equipped our team with the products and processes to provide the best in cleanliness.

We know how precious the time is that you spend with family and friends when you're here, and you should not have to wonder whether your rental is properly cleaned when you walk in the door.

We realize that life offers no guarantees, but we do want you to know what measures we are taking to provide you the cleanest property during your stay. So, toes in the sand and fins in the air. Come play!

You make the memories. We've got the rest.

  • Specialized Training

    Our team of housekeepers undergoes a rigorous schedule of classroom and field training in cleaning methods and products (see video).

  • Hospital-Grade Disinfecting Products

    Meyer uses hospital-grade, high-strength disinfectants to assure your property is clean and prepared for your stay.

  • Sanitizing Linen-Cleaning Chemicals

    Meyer's sister company, Starr Textile Services, is a commercial-grade laundry that uses the same chemicals to clean linens as hospitals do.

  • There Is Nothing Standard About This Wash Process

    Meyer's linens are laundered using a state-of-the-art, eight-module, continuous batch tunnel washer (see video).

  • High-Heat Drying & Ironing

    Meyer's linens cycle through a final finishing process by ironing or drying, with temperatures that far exceed those reached by typical in-home equipment.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    Ensuring your linens are clean and fresh for your vacation is job one. At the same time, our systems and processes are safe for the environment.