Job Details
Laundry Production Workers (Full Time) (Posted: 10/14/2013)

Location:New Orleans, LA
Department:Starr Textile Services
Education:HS Diploma
Experience Required:
Skills Required:Communication and organizational skills.

Job Description

Laundry Production Workers (full time) needed in Commercial Laundry facility to commercial iron linens on a pressing machine. Person(s) needed to lift linens from cart and place neatly on feeding board and/or lift/pull sheets from the cart and place selvage edge into device.

  1. Inspect linens for tears and/or stains and press button to cull items as needed.
  2. Communicate with Lead Operator/Maintenance to report jams.
  3. Using caution to prevent linen from falling onto floor.
  4. Organization of linens.


Apply online or in-person at:
STARR TEXTILE SERVICES| 312 Time Saver Avenue| Elmwood, LA| 70123
or fax resume to: