Job Details
Laundry Production Worker (Seasonal) (Posted: 7/1/2015)

Location:Foley, AL
Department:Starr Textile Services
Education:HS Diploma
Experience Required:
Skills Required:Communication and organizational skills.

Job Description

Laundry Production Workers (part-time) needed in Commercial Laundry facility to commercial iron linens on a pressing machine. Person(s) needed to lift linens from cart and place neatly on feeding board and/or lift/pull sheets from the cart and place selvage edge into device. Able to work flexible schedule including weekends and holidays. Shift begins as early as 5am and ends when production has been completed for the day.

  1. Inspect linen for damage/tears; separate these items by placing in appropriate cart.
  2. Sort linen by item, color and classification.
  3. Distribute separated linen across conveyer to appropriate linen bag.  
  4. Communicate with Lead Operator/Maintenance to report jams.
  5. Maintain clean and organized work area.

Apply online or in-person at:
STARR TEXTILE SERVICES| 940 North Poplar Street| Foley, AL| 36535
or fax resume to: