What's the best way to catch a winter speckled trout?

Looking to catch a winter speckled trout during your fishing excursion in Orange Beach this season? From the trout's temperament to the size of your bait, there are a few things you should know about reeling in one of these beauties before you head out on the water.

What's the best way to catch a winter speckled trout?

You've planned your stay at an Orange Beach vacation rental for the winter months and you've packed up your fishing lures and other gear, which are the first two steps to take if you're looking to reel in a winter speckled trout. These fish flock to the warmer rivers and canals in the region during the winter months, but there are still some tricks and tips that might help you catch one of these majestic fish.

Know your trout

It's key to know what you're looking for. The biggest speckled trout are female, and they prefer to feed at night on bigger fish rather than smaller shrimp. Because of their size and the fact that their metabolism slows with the colder weather, they tend to be slower than other trout. They are also wary and less aggressive - basically, they want a big meal but with the least amount of effort possible. Knowing this might help you choose the best bait - the bigger the better, usually.

Choose your bait

Speckled trout will eat larger shrimp, but they have also been known to go for smaller trout, too. Trout anglers love the MirrOlure, since it looks like a little trout, and fishing plugs and saltwater crankbaits or twitchbaits work well, too. This is because plugs imitate bigger baitfish, which, in the eyes of a speck, are perfect for the day's meal. 

Head to the right place

Whether you're taking an Orange Beach fishing charter or heading out on your own smaller boat, make sure you're hitting the right rivers and streams. Open water fishing won't yield any specks this season, since they congregate in warmer waters like streams, rivers, bayous and canals when the temperature drops to the 60s and 70s. So head inshore, especially during the night, for the best catches this season.

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