There are countless things you can do while you're staying in an Orange Beach or Gulf Shores beach house or condo rental, from spending time with your family in the warm waters along the coast to enjoying a fishing trip with your closest friends. The Gulf State Park is a hub for family-friendly activities, and you don't even have to venture far from your vacation lodgings to enjoy countless hours exploring this wilderness!

What you can do at Gulf State ParkDo you have a blossoming botanist in your family? Or maybe you're the one with a passion for plants. Whichever the case, there are nature programs and special events designed for those who love the outdoors and want to know more about the unique flora of the Gulf Coast. At the Gulf State Park Nature Center, you can sit in on a lecture from one of the staff members and get to know the plants and wildlife that call this area home throughout the year, as well as creatures that migrate during specific seasons.

Whether on the links, the trails or the beaches of Gulf State Park, you are sure to enjoy a day filled with fun.