The late evening is one of the most beautiful times of day along the Gulf Coast, as the fishing charter boats come in to dock and beachgoers head back to their vacation rentals when the sun goes down. The sunsets are one of the most spectacular natural features of this region, and when you stay in Fort Morgan beach houses, you have a front row seat to this beautiful phenomenon. Fort Morgan rentals are also conveniently located near Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge, which offers a serene setting in which to watch the sun set. 

You can stroll along the beaches of the Fort Morgan peninsula and see the sun fill the sky with color as it meets the horizon, but If you are looking for another relaxing pre- or post-dinner activity, head to this park just before dusk for unspoiled natural beauty. Here are two of the refuge's trails that will give you the best view of the setting sun. 

The Jeff Friend Trail

You'll spot Brown Pelicans and other birds when you head to Bon Secour to watch the sun set.This one-mile path winds in a circle on the edge of Little Lagoon, which means visitors will see maritime forest as well as the coastline of the lagoon, where a variety of plant species and birds, such as herons and ibises, have made their homes. If you're lucky, you may even see an alligator in the swamps along the trail. The path is wheelchair accessible, which also means you can bring strollers through for a family walk.

Pine Beach Trail

This trail leads you through three different ecosystems - maritime forest, scrub and dune habitats - where hundreds of plants and animals flourish. At one point on this two-mile walk, you'll have a saltwater lagoon on one side of you and a freshwater lake on the other - a feature that makes this path stand out from the rest. Keep walking straight and you'll reach the sandy white beach of Fort Morgan, where you'll have a stunning, unspoiled view of the sunset.