For many vacationers, Perdido Key is the perfect place for a beach getaway. With easy access to the beaches along the Gulf of Mexico and plenty of worthy attractions nearby, Perdido Key vacation rentals are an ideal option for families who want to make the most of their down time. 

About the park

Settled along an inlet of the Gulf Coast, Big Lagoon State Park is a gorgeous protected space that covers more than 700 acres. It's located on the western panhandle of Florida, just minutes away from Perdido Key and a short distance from the state of Alabama. Its prime location includes beaches set on the Big Lagoon and a body of water separated from the Gulf of Mexico by a thin stretch of land. This protection means that the area is a safe haven for many plants and animals, making it a spectacular place for nature lovers to visit during their vacations. 

The perfect stop for visitors in Perdido Key

Because Perdido Key is only a few minutes away from Big Lagoon State Park, it's not uncommon for travelers staying at nearby Perdido Key beach houses to make their way to this site. There are beaches to enjoy and plenty of habitats to explore, making it ideal for everyone from adventurers to more low-key vacationers. 

If you're a fan of bird watching, then you should definitely put a visit to Big Lagoon State Park on your itinerary. The space is one of the gateways for the Great Florida Birding Trail, an expansive path that stretches 2,000 miles across the state of Florida and takes travelers to numerous different habitats that act as home to a wide variety of birds. While you won't see all of these environments, a trip to Big Lagoon State Park allows you to observe several communities of fowl. 

Of course, birds are not the only animals you'll get a glimpse of when you visit Big Lagoon State Park. Sea turtles are frequently sighted throughout the area, and those travelers who want a closer look at the local marine life can go boating or kayaking on the lagoon. There are also opportunities to hike through the 4 miles of trails nestled within the park or picnic at one of the designated areas, ensuring there is space for the whole family to enjoy some kind of activity. 

Know before you go

Big Lagoon State Park is open every day from 8 a.m. to sunset. Although visiting at dusk provides travelers with a stunning view of the sun going down, you'll likely want to block off several hours to see all corners of the park. There are entrance fees that vary based on the number of people and the mode of transportation. In general, the admission fee is $6 per vehicle with two to eight passengers, $4 for a single occupant vehicle, and $2 for each pedestrian, bicyclist or extra passenger. 

There are also fees for using the boat launch or renting out the full picnic pavilion. 

Families who want to make a trip to the park should be aware of the pet policy. Animals are not allowed on beaches or in public buildings and picnic areas, so those who bring their furry friends will have to leave them at their Perdido Key houses for a few hours.