Traveling down the Alabama Scenic River Trail is a great way to spend part of your vacation in Fort

Vacationers ready to get active will enjoy the opportunity to traverse the Alabama Scenic River Trail. It ends at Fort Morgan, and travelers staying in this area during their Gulf Coast trips have many opportunities to check out part of the beautiful route.

Travel across the Alabama Scenic River Trail

With so many stunning spots nestled along the Gulf Coast, it can be difficult to fit all of your desired sightseeing into one trip. One location that is not to be missed is the Alabama Scenic River Trail. This route, which includes seven rivers, two creeks and a bay, stretches for 631 miles across the state before ending in the Gulf of Mexico. 

While you may not be ready to traverse the entire trail - and few are - you can certainly work a few hours of kayaking or canoeing on the trail into your trip itinerary. 

Get active on the water

Traveling down the Alabama Scenic River Trail is a great way to spend part of your vacation in Fort Morgan.Opening in June 2008, the Alabama Scenic River Trail quickly became one of the top spots for boating in the area. It was designed to be clean and visitor-friendly, and with the help of regular upkeep, it certainly succeeds in being one of the top attractions, especially in the area around its culmination in Fort Morgan. 

The most popular ways to experience the river trail around Fort Morgan are by kayaking or canoeing. Travelers can rent equipment from nearby providers and access their desired area through one of the many launch points situated on the trail. If you'd rather travel in comfort, there are opportunities to rent or charter a powerboat to zip around certain parts of the trail. You should choose the option that works best with your lifestyle, budget and personal limits, but some of your decision may hinge on where you plan on exploring. 

The wonder of the river trail

The Scenic River Trail is more than just a place to get active - it is also one of the most scenic routes in all of Alabama. Passing through many protected areas and wildlife reserves, the trail brings travelers close to many local species of birds and marine life. There are also a few prime fishing spots along the way, so visitors can achieve the perfect mix of active fun and relaxation during their excursion. It's not uncommon to spot dolphins breaking the surface of the water in areas around Fort Morgan, especially as you move closer to the Gulf Shores area

As if that was not enough, the beautiful setting of the area is enough to delight any visitor. You'll get a unique perspective on Alabama and gain an appreciation for the flora and fowl found around Fort Morgan. The natural beauty of the area cannot be denied, and getting up close to the pristine environment is a surefire way to ensure your experience is one you'll never forget. 

Stick to Fort Morgan

Although the Alabama Scenic River Trail covers hundreds of miles across the state, it ends in Fort Morgan, and those staying at Fort Morgan beach houses can take advantage of their location by exploring part of the trail. Even if this excursion seems a bit too intense for you family to take part in, you don't have to miss out on the fun of boating during your vacation. There are many smaller rivers and trails scattered along the Gulf Coast, providing vacationers with a range of options for finding the perfect activity for their trip. 

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