Looking for something to do on Alabama's beaches besides building sand castles? While having fun in the sun will keep you occupied for hours, there are countless other fun activities to enjoy, whether you're in the mood for a romantic moment or want to enjoy something with the entire family.

Here are just a few activities that make the Gulf Coast of Alabama and Florida so special:

1. Watching the sunrise

Top 5 things to do at the beach in AlabamaTaking your spouse on a honeymoon or anniversary trip and staying at a beach house or vacation condo rental? You may want to take full advantage of your prime real estate and wake up just before dawn to catch the sun peaking over the horizon.

2. Observe the full moon

If you happen to be in Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Fort Morgan or Perdido Key during a full moon, you won't want to miss your chance to watch it light up the waves at night. Even your kids won't be able to take their eyes off the dazzling orb or its sparkly glow on the water.

3. Embrace the rain

Just because the skies are gray doesn't mean you can't still enjoy the beach. Take your loved ones out for an exhilarating walk or run along the shore as the warm-weather rain cascades down on you.

4. Hunt for crabs at night

Your kids might be too excited about their vacation to go to bed after dinner, so take advantage of their energy and head over to the beach with flashlights for a late-night hunt for sand crabs. Make it a friendly competition and see who can find the most!

5. Fly a kite

When the breeze picks up along the shoreline of the Gulf of Mexico, it's the perfect time to fly a kite on the beach. You and your kids (or your inner child) will have a blast running on the sand while keeping the colorful toy in the air.