Take fun up a notch at Arena The Next Level

It may be tempting to spend all of your time at the beach while staying at an Orange Beach vacation rental, but there are many other fun activities for you to experience beyond the waves! The kids will love an afternoon at Arena The Next Level, where they can play laser tag and bazooka ball for hours.

Take fun up a notch at Arena The Next Level

Adventurous families staying at Orange Beach area vacation rentals can easily spend hours at the beach surfing, swimming and splashing in the waves. For those who want to add a different kind of heart-pumping experience, Arena The Next Level in Orange Beach gets the adrenaline flowing with laser tag and bazooka ball. The entire family will have a blast in this entertainment zone.

Laser tag

Take fun to the next level at the ArenaDo you often find your kids playing video games, pretending they're battling aliens in the outer realms? If so, a few hours in Arena's laser tag room will be right up their alley. This activity is fit for the entire family, so you can play right along with your kids and run around in teams to battle for the title of laser tag champions! If you don't win this time, play another round or two to work out the perfect strategy for victory.

Bazooka ball

Never heard of bazooka ball? This hilarious and thrilling game is similar to laser tag, but involves shooting soft balls from a cool gun. You and your kids will be covered in protective gear so you won't get hurt, and you'll look like a bunch of warriors once you've suited up. Be sure to take the opportunity to snap a family photo before you head into the arena for a round of friendly competition.

Arena The Next Level, located at The Wharf, is open throughout the week, so you can return as often as you'd like!

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