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You can cross Mobile Bay easily with a scenic ride on the Mobile Bay Ferry.

Getting to and from a more secluded destination like Fort Morgan doesn't have to be a hassle. In fact, it can easily be one of the highlights of a trip thanks to the Mobile Bay Ferry, which shuttles travelers between Fort Morgan and Dauphin Island on a fun and scenic ride.

Take a ride on the Mobile Bay Ferry

Vacationers who choose to stay at Fort Morgan beach houses are often drawn to the location because of its secluded nature. This provides a lovely setting for a relaxing trip, but a more private destination doesn't have to mean it's a hassle to get to. In fact, Fort Morgan is home to one of the coolest modes of transportation across the Gulf Coast: the Mobile Bay Ferry.

Why the ferry?

You can cross Mobile Bay easily with a scenic ride on the Mobile Bay Ferry.The Mobile Bay Ferry provides a scenic and practical means of transportation along the Gulf Coast. A ride on one of these ferries can save travelers hours of driving time, as there's no need to drive all the way around Mobile Bay to reach a destination. Instead, you simply head to Fort Morgan or Dauphin Island, depending on your starting point, and take the ferry to get to the other side of the water. It's one of the easiest ways to get from Fort Morgan to Dauphin Island and the surrounding Gulf Shores area

You can drive your car right onto the ferry to take it across Mobile Bay. The vessel also carries motorcycles, motorhomes and similar large vehicles. However, the tide can affect which vehicles are allowed on each boat, so travelers should contact the ferry company to clear their automobile and find out what time would be best.

Cruise the open water

Not only is the Mobile Bay Ferry a practical choice for your vacation, it also provides a gorgeous perspective on the Gulf Coast. You get a great experience on the calm waters of the bay while also keeping your eye out for coastal birds and other types of marine life. A few lucky riders may even get a chance to see dolphins swimming alongside the boat. If nothing else, you'll enjoy 40 minutes of relaxation under the sun and taking in the spectacular views of the Mobile Bay area on your way to one of the region's top destinations.

Marking the start and finish of the ferry journey are two historic forts. The iconic Fort Morgan sits at one end, marking the spot where the Battle of Mobile Bay raged on during the Civil War. On the other end of the route is Fort Gaines. This landmark was constructed in 1821 and was also one of the main locations used throughout the military history of Mobile Bay. Today, each one of these sites is a reminder of the past as well as a source of knowledge for those interested in learning about the area's history.

Taking the ferry

The Mobile Bay Ferry departs from each location several times per day depending on the weather and the time of year. Both vessels, named the "Fort Morgan" and the "Marissa Mae Nicole," operate throughout the busy summer months, while at least one is running during the rest of the year. 

All travelers should arrive at the dock 30 minutes to an hour ahead of their scheduled departure time. This will ensure they have ample time to gather any luggage, purchase tickets and claim seats without being rushed. It is subject to closures on holidays, so if you are planning to travel for one of these special occasions, you may want to tweak your itinerary to work with the most convenient ferry times.

You can buy one-way or round-trip tickets, and prices will vary based on the type of vehicle you are bringing and how many passengers are traveling. Children under the age of 12 ride for free. Payments can be made with cash, traveler's check, Visa or Master Card. It is important to understand that even those travelers who purchase round-trip tickets are not guaranteed space on their desired ferry ride - they must be ready to load in time to secure their space. 

Anyone planning on taking their vehicle should be aware of the restrictions on the size of a car. The maximum height is 13.6 feet, the maximum width is 10 feet and the maximum length is 70 feet. If you have any questions about the process of taking a car on the ferry or want to inquire about a specific vehicle or travel time, contact the Mobile Bay Ferry office at 251-861-3000. 

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Fort Morgan may get all of the attention from travelers who visit the area, but a quick ferry ride to Dauphin Island provides an opportunity to see Fort Gaines. This well-preserved fort offers spectacular views and a fascinating glimpse into history.


Walk Where The Soldiers Did On The Mobile Bay Civil War Trail

History buffs will not want to miss visiting Fort Morgan, one of the sites that comprise the Mobile Bay Civil War Trail. The trail is a guide to the military movements, famous Civil War battles, including the Battle of Mobile Bay, and life as it was lived during the war.

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Dauphin Island is a unique destination offering fun for the whole family.

Take a day trip to Dauphin Island

Vacationing in Fort Morgan is a fantastic choice for the whole family, and a day trip to nearby Dauphin Island offers even more fun. Whether you'd like to see historical sites or dive deeper into nature, this island will keep you interested and entertained.

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Absorb some history and culture at Mobile museums

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Dauphin Island offers plenty of way to explore marine life.

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Dauphin Island is the perfect place for a natural escape when you have booked a vacation package in Gulf Shores or Fort Morgan. Here are some of the best ways to enjoy the marine life on this unique island in the Gulf of Mexico.

The ferry crosses scenic Mobile Bay and makes a perfect day trip from Fort Morgan.

Ride the Mobile Bay Ferry from Fort Morgan

Taking a trip on the Mobile Bay Ferry is one of the best ways to add a particularly unforgettable element to your Fort Morgan vacation. Crossing the historic and scenic Mobile Bay, the boat ride is as fascinating as it is beautiful, whether you are looking for a taste of history or a dolphin sighting.

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Dauphin Island, a short day trip from Fort Morgan rentals on the beach, offers one of the best birding experiences in the nation. With seven protected sanctuaries on the island, birding enthusiasts have the chance to spot more than 347 bird species.

Kayaking is one of the best ways to see Dauphin Island.

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