It's never too early to start planning what kind of adventures your family will have during school vacations. Most schools have week-long breaks in the late winter and early spring, and these times are ideal for planning a family trip that will thrill all of your loved ones. If you're ready to begin organizing these experiences, you should look to Gulf Shores vacation rentals, which can act as the setting for a wonderful family getaway. 

Enjoy great weather

Enjoy a great family vacation in Gulf Shores during an upcoming break in your child's schooling.One of the best things about Gulf Shores is that the weather is generally enjoyable all year long. Even in February, March and April, the temperature along the Gulf Coast tends to stay in the 50s and 60s, creating a comfortable environment for all guests. You can enjoy many of the popular activities found in the area in this weather, and depending on the time of year you will even be able to make a visit to the beach to soak up some rays. 

Add some education

Just because your kids will be on a break from school doesn't mean they have to stop learning. There are many attractions in the Gulf Shores area that encourage visitors young and old to gain knowledge about the region and its history. Spots like the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park, Fort Morgan Historic Site and the National Naval Aviation Museum all offer interactive exhibits and fascinating information, making it easy for vacationers to have fun and learn new things at the same time. 

Spend quality time together

With so much going on during the school year, it can be difficult to fit quality family time into your schedule. However, when you have several days without homework, social commitments and other distractions, you and your family can enjoy each other's company. There are tons of family friendly activities found throughout the region, and those visitors who would rather lay low can relish the privacy of their rental home, playing games and cooking meals in their own space.