Beachgoers everywhere are turning to activities like stand-up paddle boarding during their vacations. All kinds of water sports are tremendously popular among people staying at Gulf Shores vacation rentals. The proximity of these rentals to the beach makes it easy for travelers to indulge in many adventurous pastimes, whether it is kayaking, scuba diving or paddle boarding. Travelers in Gulf Shores are in luck, as the area is home to numerous places where visitors can get their paddle boarding experience started, as well as a gorgeous coast that is waiting to be explored. 

The basics of paddle boarding

Stand-up paddle boarding is the perfect activity to try during a Gulf Shores vacation.Stand-up paddle boarding is becoming one of the most popular beach activities. The boards, which resemble surfboards, vary in size to fit individuals of any height or weight. While it may look difficult, a little guidance is all that is necessary to learn how to stand on one of these devices, and travelers who try their hand at the pastime may find they have a new favorite hobby to indulge in during their vacation. 

This ocean activity is also a great way to work some exercise into your trip. Maintaining balance requires a lot of core strength, while paddling gives your arms a workout. By the end of your adventure, you'll have used muscles throughout your body without even realizing it - and you can certainly relax later at your Gulf Shores condos knowing you've gotten your exercise in for the day. 

All you need is a paddle, a special stand-up board and a body of water to explore. If you're bringing children along for the fun, you may also want to use life jackets to ensure their safety and give yourself some peace of mind. 

The perfect way to see Gulf Shores

Gulf Shores and its surrounding coastal communities are all beautiful areas just waiting to be explored. One of the best aspects of stand-up paddle boarding is that it gives you a unique way to tour these stunning regions, and if you can maneuver around on this device, you can easily see all corners of the region. From the shores of the most popular beaches to lagoons, canals and more, Gulf Shores is home to plenty of fascinating landscapes travelers will love to see. 

In addition to just soaking up the sun, paddle boarders have an opportunity to check out some of the marine life in Gulf Shores. While relaxing outside your Gulf Shores condo rentals can provide you with a look at some of the most common wildlife, such as coastal birds that frequent the area's beaches, getting up close while paddle boarding offers a glimpse of more unique creatures and occasionally even dolphins. 

Take a lesson

Even if you have never touched a paddle board before, you can still take part in this fun pastime. Gulf Shores, as well as neighboring areas like Orange Beach, offers many different introductory classes and rental locations that make it easy to get started. For example, the City of Orange Beach Wind and Water Center is hosting weekly classes to teach the basics of paddle boarding, and various rental companies in the area have all of the equipment families need to get started on their adventures. You can also rent SUPs by the hour on Lake Shelby at Gulf State Park.