There are few animals that inspire as much love and excitement as dolphins. The marine mammals are among the most beloved creatures in the world, regularly dazzling people with their seemingly friendly nature, intelligence and playful attitude. All of these qualities make them the perfect addition to any Gulf Shores vacation, but before you head out onto the water and fully embrace the allure of dolphins, you'll have to choose a local company to take you right into the heart of the animals' ocean habitat. 

Fun for the whole family

Families who embark on dolphin cruises can easily spot many of these creatures off the Gulf Coast.Families staying in Orange Beach during their vacation will likely want to find activities that allow them to spend quality time together. The relaxing nature of an ocean excursion is one that lends itself perfectly to travelers of all ages. Whether you're vacationing with a gaggle of little kids or your entire extended family, everyone will be able to enjoy a dolphin cruise, particularly when you use an operator that is known for top-of-the-line marine adventures. 

Cold Mil Fleet

One option for vacationers staying at Gulf Shores rentals is dolphin cruises aboard the Cold Mil Fleet. The company launches two separate boats out onto the water at the same time, creating waves that the dolphins love to jump and play in. These creatures frequently surf and swim beside the boats as well, providing you with a very close encounter that few people get to experience. 

Lasting for about an hour and a half, this dolphin cruise is one that you and your family won't want to miss. Trips leaves from Bear Point Marina in Orange Beach, which is just a short distance from many local vacation rentals and other area hot spots where you'll likely be spending your time. 

Have a stellar dolphin cruise

The guides leading your cruise will be able to provide you with some background information and insider knowledge on dolphins in the area. However, you can still take advantage of a few things that will make your experience extraordinary and help to enhance your time on the water. For one, you can book a sunset dolphin cruise, as opposed to the options during the day. Not only will this give you more free time to spend on the beach outside Orange Beach condos, but you'll also get to view a gorgeous sunset over the Gulf Coast. 

One of the most important things you should pack is your camera, as there's no telling just how close the dolphins will get or what kind of stunning sights you'll see as you cruise along the Gulf Coast. This is also the perfect opportunity to capture some candid snapshots of your family - the joy on your children's faces is not something you'll want to forget. 

Make sure you call a few days ahead of your trip to reserve space on the boat, as many of the trips will fill up. You can also pack coolers and snacks to keep everyone in your party happy.