Are you stiff and sore after a long drive to the beach? Or did you overdo it with a day of golf or while reeling in that monster catch? Your Gulf Shores beach vacation rental house or condo isn't far from blessed relief from those aches and pains.

Bamboo fusion treatment at The Massage Office

Your guide to the best spa treatments in Gulf ShoresYou've probably heard of deep tissue and Swedish massages, but how about a bamboo fusion treatment? Combining Swedish massages with hot stone methods, the bamboo fusion offers a different approach to the body's well-being, and each masseuse is highly trained to make you feel completely relaxed, inside and out. The Massage Office, which is located along Gulf Shores Parkway, offers this unique treatment that involves heated bamboo sticks in lieu of hot stones. If you opt for this massage, you can expect the rest of your vacation will be filled with countless moments of calm and peace.

Ashiatsu massage therapy at Austin Massage

You've probably seen Ashiatsu massages being performed, or may have even employed one of your kids to walk across your back to work out some knots, but you may not know what to call it. A professional Ashiatsu massage involves a masseuse standing above you, using parallel bars to keep their balance, and letting their strong feet provide you with an invigorating deep tissue massage. This deeply relaxing method is offered at The Massage Office and also at Austin Massage (located across the street from Meyer Vacation Rentals), which is owned and operated by a highly skilled couple who are determined to provide you with a soothing experience.

With or without a massage from a Gulf Shores therapist, your getaway on Alabama's Gulf Coast will be nothing short of wonderfully relaxing.