Part of the fun of taking a vacation comes from participating in activities that are outside of your day-to-day life, such as ziplining.

This high-flying pastime takes individuals high above the ground on an unforgettable adventure and can be the perfect addition to any trip, especially those in Gulf Shores or Orange Beach.

One local facility offering this experience is Hummingbird Ziplines, which is stationed at the popular Wharf multi-use entertainment complex in Orange Beach. 

About The Zipline

Ziplines Hummingbird Ziplines offers a spot where locals and visitors can participate in a fun experience. The course features eight zipline courses covering more than 6,000 feet, nearly twice as long as the previous location. With heights of up to 115 feet and speeds reaching over 30 mph, participants soar on a 2.5-hour journey over pristine bays, the Intracoastal Waterway and through federally protected wetland areas, beginning and ending just off Main Street at The Wharf.

The course is laid out in a circle, beginning and ending in the same place, allowing participants to ride all eight ziplines on the course. Two professional guides greet your group with a brief overview of the experience and assist you in putting on the zipping equipment. After your guides teach each person in your group how to use their gear at the practice zip station at near ground level, the guides will lead the group from beginning to end to ensure maximum safety and enjoyment. Guides are trained in first aid, CPR and AED operation, as well as advanced rope skills. Additionally, they are in radio communication with the course supervisor and guest services team at all times.

Ziplining is among the safest adventure sports there are, with participants being supervised and remaining tethered at all times while on the course. Hummingbird's safety policies and procedures mirror the national standards set forth by the Association for Challenge Course Technology. Operators use only the highest quality equipment and provide extensive personnel training. 

What To Expect

Visitors who are ready to take part in the ziplining experience will need to set aside two and a half hours for this adventure. Each group that heads out on the course consists of 10 people or fewer and has two trained guides leading the way. The adventure starts with ground school, which fills the group in on the basic safety rules and operations they will encounter along the course. Then the real fun gets underway, with all participants taking solo rides on the wires running from tower to tower.

Tours are not canceled for inclement weather, so be sure to dress appropriately for the situation. Participants typically wear athletic clothing and sturdy footwear. Flip flops are not allowed on the course, and closed-toed shoes are recommended. Savvy visitors will also make it a point to leave all personal items behind, as having gear stored in pockets or dangling pieces of jewelry can be dangerous, not to mention you run the risk of losing them as you soar through the air. 


There are some restrictions for the zipline. All participants must be over the age of 10, and the accepted weight range is between 70 and 250 pounds. Because ziplining is an extreme sport that requires certain capabilities, adults are encouraged to survey the maturity level of their children before signing them up. Although they may meet the minimum requirements, these younger adventurers need to be able to understand all safety instructions and follow directions precisely. Additionally, pregnant women are not allowed on the zipline for safety reasons.

You can save time by printing out and signing the facility's waiver, which is necessary for anybody who wants to take part in the fun. Visitors under the age of 18 will need a parent or guardian to sign the waiver as well.

What Renters Need To Know

The cost for the experience on Hummingbird Ziplines is $89 plus tax for per person.

Guests who stay at Meyer Vacation Rentals have an opportunity to save during their trips to Hummingbird Ziplines. Visitors can take advantage of a $10 discount per person when they choose one of Meyer's many Gulf Shores rentals. The coupon code is available at check-in.

Reservations are recommended, so don't wait too long to book your space in one of the zip line tours. The operator advises visitors to make reservations at least one week in advance and show up at least 15 minutes prior to the booked time to ensure their space is not forfeited. These bookings can be completed online at the Gulf Adventure Center website or by phone at 1-877-947-8434 or 251-948-9494.