The bakers and pastry chefs at SHMILY Tree Bakery Cafe don't mess around when it comes to quality. Striving to produce the freshest baked goods every day, this charming establishment has always had customers coming back for more, whether they're in the market for a week's worth of sandwich bread or a cake for a special occasion.

If you're staying at one of the many Gulf Shores area beach rentals and can't go a day without munching on a piece of toast in the morning, you can stock up at SHMILY's, which is located north of the beach in Foley, north of the Tanger Outlets.

History of SHMILY's

Owned and operated by Carly Crim plus mother-daughter chefs Diane Kennedy and Cheryl Kirby, SHMILY holds a special place in the hearts of many Foley residents, as well as frequenters from nearby cities such as Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. The name stands for "See How Much I Love You," a message that Kennedy's father would inscribe on notes, mirrors and coffee mugs to remind his wife how much he cares for her. Keeping his kind words alive, Kennedy and Kirby opened the bakery to emulate his personality by providing Alabama residents with heartwarming baked goods.

Baking on a whim

True to the memory of Mr. Kennedy, pastry chef Kirby is spontaneous and constantly varies the menu at the cafe, ensuring that you have the option to taste wonderful new items each time you visit.

Some of the staple items on the menu include muffins, cinnamon bread and bagels, all of which are perfect for an early morning trip to the beach. To feed your family or friends throughout the week, be sure to pick up loaves of SHMILY Tree Bakery Café’s rye or sourdough bread to make wonderful sandwiches, toast and French toast during your unforgettable vacation at the gulf. Or enjoy one of their lunch specials right there at the shop, surrounded by smiling faces and a welcoming atmosphere.