So you've never been parasailing? That will change soon after you book your getaway at a beach vacation rental. In fact, no matter where you stay along Alabama' and Florida's Gulf Coast - Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Fort Morgan (AL) or Perdido Key (FL), you can charter a boat to take your whole family for a once-in-a-lifetime parasailing experience. While you sit perched comfortably hundreds of feet in the air, you'll have a bird's-eye view of the dazzling white-sand beaches and, if you look hard enough, you may even spot your beachside rental!

Parasailing 101

See the Gulf Coast sky high from a parasailIf skydiving is outside of your comfort zone, but you still want to enjoy a thrilling adventure, parasailing might be right up your alley. Like flying a kite, parasailing requires a good amount of wind, which your boat charter captain will help provide by zipping through the water at high speeds. The bonus is that while you're up in the air taking in the sights, the rest of your friends and family down below will have an equally exciting time.

Charters to choose from

Whether you're staying in a beach house or condo, there's a parasailing provider not far from you. Pleasure Island Parasail is located in the heart of Alabama's Gulf Coast, making it quite convenient no matter where you make your vacation headquarters.

If you're staying in Perdido Key, Florida, there are parasailing options available in your neighborhood The folks at Perdido Key Parasail have been in the business for more than a decade and certainly know the best spots to take you for your air tour.

Once you settle into your airborne perch, let the cool breezes whip through your hair as the gorgeous coastline unfolds before you.