While you have your fingers crossed that there will only be sunny days during your entire Gulf Shores vacation, you also know that even the most ideal locales are prone to rain from time to time. That being said, you shouldn't let a couple of showers interfere with all of the fun that you and your family are having on the Alabama Coast. By taking the children indoors to experience some local culture, you can successfully amuse yourselves, adding to your knowledge of the area at the same time.

Take in the artistic sights of Alabama
The arts are not reserved solely for New York City and Florence, Italy, and you can explore a variety of exhibitions that are both entertaining and aesthetically pleasing during your next Alabama trip. Right in Gulf Shore's backyard - Fairhope, Ala. - you can find an expansive collection of artwork that you and your family will appreciate. By journeying to the Eastern Shore Art Center on a rainy day, you can be sure to keep dry, while still guaranteeing the kids will be engaged.

What you may find especially appealing about this center is the admissions fee - there is none. This art museum is open to the public free of charge, and you can even take a guided tour through all five of its galleries without spending a penny. The pieces on display vary from month to month, differing from one another in terms of style, time period, geographic location and even mediums used. For example, you could pop in during any given month and see everything from traditional devotional oil paintings to modern metal sculptures made by Southern artists. 

Attend local art events

Explore exhibitions and participate in artistic activities on the shores of AlabamaIf walking around a museum is not really you and your children's thing, that's perfectly fine. The Eastern Shore Art Center hosts numerous events throughout the year. On the first Friday of every month, it holds a shindig debuting a new collection of exhibits. You and your family can go, sipping refreshments and chatting with locals about the most recent selection of artwork. On top of this, the center features different art festivals and shows, which are widely attended. 

Some of these events attract thousands of people, offering participants the chance to mingle, shop, peruse artwork, snack on local treats and enjoy live entertainment. The pieces of artwork on display during these festivals are some of the most impressive pieces of international, domestic and even regional artists.

Become artists yourselves

For families who like to have a more hands-on experience, creating art rather than viewing it, the center and its supporting organization, the Committee On Public Art, present travelers and residents alike the opportunity to take classes and workshops so that they can produce their own masterpieces. The Eastern Shore Art Center holds specialized seasonal activities for children, in addition to more advanced classes for adults. Although these workshops come with a fee, investing in one of them could provide you and your family with some creative entertainment, while also enabling you to pick up some skills from artists living in the Gulf Shores area