Travelers who head to Orange Beach during a vacation face no shortage of fun activities, and some of the top events in the area allow visitors to give back to the community at the same time. That's certainly the case with a one-of-a-kind race known as the Rubber Duck Race. 

About the race

The annual Rubber Duck Race blends charity and competition in Orange Beach.Most of the water races around the Gulf Coast consist of travelers testing their limits in the water, but The Orange Beach Lions Club makes sure to get rubber ducks in on the action. The group organizes the annual Rubber Duck Race at The Oasis Water Park, giving locals and visitors the chance to sponsor a toy and potentially win big prizes. 

Up to 1,000 rubber ducks can be sponsored to run the races. The participating toys will be launched in smaller heats, with the top finishers moving on to the grand finale. After the fastest ducks compete in the main event around the Oasis Lazy River, the winning toy will send its sponsor home with an impressive grand prize of $500. 

There's much more happening at this event than just the Rubber Duck Race. Several other kid-friendly activities and entertainment are typically on the schedule for the day, giving visitors an alluring alternative to passing the time on the beach near their Orange Beach condos

What vacationers can do

If you're lucky enough to be visiting Orange Beach in the fall, you may have an opportunity to check out community events like the Rubber Duck Race. Those who make it a point to attend the race can sponsor their own ducks. Not only will this give you a rooting interest in the competition, but it also provides a chance to support some local organizations that help make Orange Beach the great destination it is. All of the proceeds go toward helping the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Alabama, among a few other groups.