One of the best parts about booking a beachside vacation rental on the Gulf Coast is, of course, the warm, sparkling aquamarine waters. Although you will probably swim, lounge and play in the water right from the white-sand beach, there are plenty of additional ways to experience this incredible natural environment. 

Kayak or canoe

Kayaking is an easy activity to partake in when you stay in Perdido Key rentals.Perdido Key, Florida, with its seas, bays and rivers, has seemingly endless opportunities to kayak or canoe. The Intracoastal Waterway is one route many choose to take. Stay close to the shore on this narrow passageway to spot birds such as pelicans or herons along the water's edge. You can rent kayaks and canoes from a number of local businesses, many of which conduct tours to show you the best of the region. You could also take your own tour - a 24-mile trip up the Perdido River that starts right on the beach outside your Perdido Key condo

Snorkel or scuba

Perdido Key and nearby Pensacola offer many unique snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities. Anyone can strap on a snorkel and set out right from Perdido Key's gorgeous beaches - depending on the season, you may spot sea turtles and a range of fish. Perdido Key is also close to some of the most legendary scuba diving sites in the nation. There are about a dozen sunken wrecks off the Pensacola shore, known as the "Florida Shipwreck Trail," that attract divers from around the globe. Local organizations also offer scuba lessons for first-time divers.

Spot the dolphins

It is quite common to see dolphins right from the condos and houses on the beach. Keep a paper and pen nearby to make a family game of keeping track of how many you see during your stay. You'll also find businesses in Perdido Key that offer chartered boat trips that nearly guarantee an up-close sighting of these graceful sea creatures. 

It's easy to embark upon any of these water adventures when you stay on the island. You can rent a one-, two-, three- or four-bedroom condo in Perdido Key. For larger groups, you may wish to consider a Perdido Key 5-bedroom beach house.